Nele Aunap

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English Title: “A Place Like Home”
Director / Producer: Kadriann Kibus, Rebel Frame
Feature-length Documentary
In production


Kriš starts climate strikes in Estonia with a friend Kertu but soon becomes disillusioned with the impact of youth activism. Embarking on a solitary soul-searching journey, Kriš wants to understand what it means to be a human while Kertu leads the climate movement forward in their lawsuit against a new oil refinery plant. Intimate and political interweave as two friends navigate their diverging paths and coming-of-age in the era of cascading crises.

Release: 2025

© Rebel Frame


English Title: “Jungle Law”
Director/ Screenwriter: Madli Lääne
Producer: Marianne Ostrat, Alexandra Film
Fiction Short Film

Casting Director, Continuity
Cast: Aleksandra Saar, Rasmus Roopõld, Tristan Ruusmaa

Three teenagers meet while hanging out at the seaside. They start to seduce and challenge each other to hide their own insecurities in this intense triangle. The playful provocation leads to humiliation and the inexperienced youngsters are taken over by instincts that are out of their control.

Release: 2024

© Alexandra Film

“Metsik lõuna: Hilda Ha. Võrgust väljas”

English Title: “Hilda Ha. Off the Grid”
Documentary/ 18′

Director: Eva Kübar
Producer: Alvar Reinumägi
Cinematographer: Aivo Rannik
Boom Operators: Sangam Panta, Eva Kübar
Composer: Ann Reimann
Sound Designer: Danek Kaunissaare

The film portrays one year in the life of Hilda Ha, a wild and free German woman. She is not the kind of person to stand with a big poster at a Fridays For Future demonstration. Instead she lives quietly off-grid with her one-year old child in Southern Estonia in a self-built tiny house without water, electricity or central heating. Although it seems extreme, for her it’s the most natural way to live.

© McQueen OÜ 2024

“Minu kohus”

English Title: “My Duty”
Documentary/ 28′

Documentary about an Estonian woman Irina who has Russian roots. She joins Estonian Women’s Home Defence in order to become a soldier. She feels a duty to defend Estonia from the country which her father loved unconditionally. She takes part in several trainings and searches for her place while improving her skills. Does the sense of duty persist when she has to leave her comfort zone?

Director: Liis Lindmaa
Cinematographer: Mattias Veermets
Sound Operator: Kauri Lemberg, Indrek Soe, Marko Sein
Colourist: Hans Ulman
Sound Designer: Danek Kaunissaare
Producer: Liis Lindmaa, Anatoli Tafitšuk

© Ulm OÜ, Estonian Public Broadcasting

“Suled või glamuur”

English Title: “Feathers or Glamour”
Documentary/ 28′
Editor/ Cinematographer

Director: Eva Kübar
Producer: Alvar Reinumägi
Cinematographers: Simmo Saska, Ants Tammik, Nele Aunap, Eva Kübar
Sound Designer: Sten Šeripov
Colorist: Heiko Sikka

© Kuukulgur Film, Estonian Public Broadcasting, 2023


English title: “Hiatus”
Documentary / 19′
Director / Cinematographer

“Hiatus” is an atmospheric cinema poem about humanity,
triggered by the worldwide pandemic, lockdown, and social distancing.
Although the activity of people in the city is on hold,
time continues to move on at a calm yet gallant pace.
Welcome to the artificial world built for us, by us, standing without us.

Sound Recordist / Sound Designer: Arbo Maran
Foley Artist: Anna-Maria Jams
Editor: Roland Abel, Nele Aunap
Colorist: Ken Oja
Composer: Ekke Västrik

Official Selection of:
Best of BFM 2021, Tallinn, Estonia
Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS 2021, Baltic Short Film Competition, Riga, Latvia
Pöff Shorts 2020, National Competition, Tallinn, Estonia

© Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University 2020

“Kallis isa,”

English title: “Dear Father,”
Documentary / 23′
Scriptwriter / Director / Cinematographer

Nele initiates an investigation to find out what kind of person is her father.

Editor: Roland Abel
Colorist: Ken Oja

© Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University 2020

“Arvasin, et olen superman”

English title: “I Thought I Was a Superman”
Documentary / 21′
Co-Director / Cinematographer

The self-centred life of a young man is challenged when he adopts
three brothers from a children’s home together with his wife.

Co-Director / Editor: Rabbe Sandström
Colorist: Pedro Vital
Sound Designer: Arbo Maran
Music: Martin Goodwin

Best of BFM 2020, Best Documentary, Tallinn, Estonia

Official selection of:
Mifec international film school festival 2020, Porto, Portugal
Best of BFM 2020, Tallinn, Estonia
Cilect Prize 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria
Pöff Shorts 2019, National Competition, Tallinn, Estonia
East Silver Market 2019, Jihlava, Czech Republic
Student CinemaFEST 2019, Riga, Latvia

© Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University 2019

“Üks kõigi, kõik ühe eest”

English title: “One for All, All for One”
Documentary / 11′
Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Story about a family of sixty-eight and their two helpers;
an observation of the scenic yet rustic life of sled dog breeders in Southern Estonia.

Colorist: Ken Oja
Sound Designer: Arbo Maran
Thank you, Neumann Husky family!

Official Selection of:
Best of BFM 2019, Tallinn, Estonia
Pärnu Film Festival 2019, Pärnu, Estonia

© Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University 2019

“Elu on töö on elu”

English title: “Life is Work is Life”
Mini-Series / 58′

Director: Jan Erik Nõgisto
Production House: Kuukulgur Film

© 2021

Frankie Animal – Pretty Late

Music Video
Director: Ken Oja

© 2017

Frankie Animal – Nightlights

Music Video

© 2017

Frankie Animal – The Pipers

Music Video
Scriptwriter / Editor

© 2016