Nele Aunap

Cinematographer & Editor +372 56642487

“Minu kohus”

English Title: “My Duty”
Documentary/ 28′

Documentary about an Estonian woman Irina who has Russian roots. She joins Estonian Women’s Home Defence in order to become a soldier. She feels a duty to defend Estonia from the country which her father loved unconditionally. She takes part in several trainings and searches for her place while improving her skills. Does the sense of duty persist when she has to leave her comfort zone?

Director: Liis Lindmaa
Cinematographer: Mattias Veermets
Sound Operator: Kauri Lemberg, Indrek Soe, Marko Sein
Colourist: Hans Ulman
Sound Designer: Danek Kaunissaare
Producer: Liis Lindmaa, Anatoli Tafitšuk

© Ulm OÜ, Estonian Public Broadcasting