Nele Aunap

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“Metsik lõuna: Hilda Ha. Võrgust väljas”

English Title: “Hilda Ha. Off the Grid”
Documentary/ 18′

Director: Eva Kübar
Producer: Alvar Reinumägi
Cinematographer: Aivo Rannik
Boom Operators: Sangam Panta, Eva Kübar
Composer: Ann Reimann
Sound Designer: Danek Kaunissaare

The film portrays one year in the life of Hilda Ha, a wild and free German woman. She is not the kind of person to stand with a big poster at a Fridays For Future demonstration. Instead she lives quietly off-grid with her one-year old child in Southern Estonia in a self-built tiny house without water, electricity or central heating. Although it seems extreme, for her it’s the most natural way to live.

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